A student shall not dress in a manner that is distracting to him of to others or that interferes with the orderly process of instruction. The Mecklenburg County Public Schools Dress Code will apply for all students in all grades Pre-K to 12th grade while at school.  Discretion will be used when applying the Dress Code to Pre-K to 2nd grade students.Dress is expected to be appropriate and safe for all school activities.  Dress that is distracting or disruptive is considered inappropriate and improper at school.

  1. All students are required to wear shirts and/or coats that fit them so that the garment hem does not extend below the students’ fingertips when the arms are hung at the sides.
  2. Students shall not wear clothing so that it shows excessive cleavage as determined by the school administrator or their designee.
  3. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be worn with the hem being no shorter than the fingertips while standing with the arms hung at the sides.  The shorts must also be loose enough to be pulled away from the thigh freely.
  4. Leggings may be worn when worn with shorts, skirts, and dresses with the hem below the fingertips while standing with the arms at sides.
  5. All pants (jeans, shorts, slacks, and skirts) must be worn above the hips and not reveal any portions of undergarments or the absence of undergarments.  Over-sized and baggy pants are unacceptable.
  6. Safe, sturdy, and acceptable shoes must be worn at all times. 
  7. The following clothing will not be worn by students:
    1. undershirts worn as blouses or shirts
    2. curlers, picks, combs (except for barrette style), or rakes in the hair
    3. hoods, caps, hats, gloves, sweatbands, bandanas, scarves, wave caps, or sunglasses
    4. unfastened belts
    5. heavy chains
    6. see-through apparel or tank tops
    7. clothing, jewelry, or other apparel or personal belongings depicting or representing the following:

o   inappropriate slogans or gestures

o   nudity or semi-nudity

o   references to violence, profanity, or vulgarity

o   alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco products

o   references to gangs, race, gender, creed, sexually oriented or derogatory statements

  1. All clothing should be clean.
  2. Sturdy shoes and proper attire are required for physical activity (PE and recess).  Students who do not have proper attire will not participate in any physical activities.

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