Students in first grade through fifth grade at La Crosse Elementary School were surprised with special rewards for making the Accelerated Reader Bonus Club. Students who met their goals for the nine weeks in addition to meeting the bonus points requirement were treated to special rewards for their accomplishments! Congratulations to our great readers!



Congratulations to Mrs.Stacy Newell for being names teacher of the year at  La Crosse Elementary School.  Mrs.Connie Puckett, principal, is pictured with Mrs. Newel.


La Crosse Elementary School showed their appreciation for the cafeteria staff by giving each member a hanging basket and card. 


Mrs. Bugg’s class at LaCrosse Elementary school enjoying spring with jelly bean graphing.

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On Thursday March 30, the third graders had representatives from Food For America visit our classrooms. The ladies shared their past experiences of living on a farm, preparing foods and cooking. They also shared some facts with us about agriculture in Virginia. They ended their visit with sharing the book Sleep Tight Farm by Eugenie Doyle. They will be donating a copy of this book to our school library. The third graders enjoyed the story and all of the information that they had to share

Students in grades three through five at Lacrosse Elementary were treated to a Minute to Win It party on Thursday, March 30. Each grade enjoyed playing Minute to Win it games with their friends. The students were selected because they showed amazing effort in class through good listening skills, hard work, doing their best on tests and being respectful to other teachers and others.

Mrs. Lewis’ Kindergarten class at LaCrosse Elementary School has been studying money.  She incorporated a Math lesson with counting money to purchase different items.  Her room was set up as a supermarket to the children could go to each table and purchase different products.  


















Mr. Derek Hazelwood from Hazelwood Insurance Group donated a run to Mrs. Lewis’s Kindergarten class.

he following LaCrosse Elementary School students were chosen as the student of the month for December by their homeroom teachers.  David Cundiff, Arianna Segura, Alexa Nunez-Albarran, Alan Serrano-Hernandez, Ava King, Chaisley Snodgrass, Khloe Thomas, Riley Shelton, X-Metrius Patterson, Genna Haislip, Caylie Nichols, Christa Brown, Logan Widner, and Tyvarrius Coleman.  Not pictured are Carmen Biggs, Jonathan Espinoza, Dylan Ittner, Kaisley Jackson, Trevor Lynch,    and Kayla Parrish. 

Students in first and second grade who met their Accelerated Reader goal for the third nine weeks were treated to a special activity on Friday, March 24. The students enjoyed listening to the story Jack in the Beanstalk before enjoying a special spring time snack. Students then got to plant their own magic bean and learned about how to make the environment safe by using biodegradable materials. Students look forward to taking their bean plant home and seeing if it will grow into a magical beanstalk!

Students in grades three through five at Lacrosse Elementary who reached the goal for Accelerated Reader for the third nine weeks were treated to a special activity on Thursday, March 23. Mrs. Adcock, the reading specialist, read Jack in the Beanstalk to the students while they enjoyed a special springtime treat. After enjoying their treat, they were given supplies to create a parachute. Their goal was to see who could create a parachute that would be the slowest to drop to the ground. After a lot of scientific exploration, the students found that the parachute made from newspaper fell the slowest! The students enjoyed participating in this hands-on activity!

Ms. Wasco’s class at LaCrosse Elementary School learned about measurement .The children were also introduced to meter sticks. We found out how many inches are in a yard and measured longer object around the room using yards! 

LaCrosse Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with many fun activities for the children to participate in.  Monday was wear all the green you could.  Tuesday was crazy hat day.  Wear your craziest socks was Wednesday. Thursday was wear red and white. Friday was dress as what you want to be when you grow up or your favorite character.

The Pre-K students from LaCrosse Elementary School went to Raleigh to visit the Marbles Museum.

Students in Mrs. Hahn’s fourth grade math classes at LaCrosse Elementary School made estimates and explored measurements using balance scales, everyday items, and practiced measuring  to the nearest 1/4 inch.


The faculty, staff and children of LaCrosse Elementary School offered expressions of thanks to the 
dedicated group of bus drivers who serve faithfully each day.  Bus drivers received a decorated “bus” folder
containing thank you  notes made by the students.  In addition, each bus driver received  a gift card
from the faculty and staff.  This recognition celebrated “Bus Driver Appreciation Day.”  Pictured are  Amy Martin, Diane Morris, T. J. Hall, Michelle Taylor, and Iris Moore.  Not pictured is Ron Horton.
“Lemonade” by John Jacobson and John Higgins was presented by the 1st Grade classes at LaCrosse Elementary School on Tuesday, February 7.  This delightful musical includes several nursery rhymes and the dilemma that each presents.  The students learned a valuable lesson about how it is possible to turn a bad experience into something positive.

On Tuesday Feb. 14th, the 5th Grade students at La Crosse Elementary School learned the value of managing money through a wonderful program called “Kid’s Marketplace” designed by the local 4-H Extension office.  Students were given a career and paid a salary, which they in turn, had to use to purchase items based on wants and needs to survive independently. They could invest their money in various ways including opening a savings account at the bank, buying or renting a home, purchasing a car, insurance, personal care products, as well as, luxury items such as a day at the spa, pets, and movie tickets. The goal was to be able to purchase  their necessities without running out of money and hopefully having money left over to put into their savings.  Volunteers played a key role in helping the students make smart investments along the way! This amazing opportunity helped our students fine tune those important real life skills needed in order to be a productive member of our community! 

This month we will be donating money collected to the UVA Heart Family Fund.  The La Crosse Elementary School staff will wear red each Friday for this cause.


The following fifth grade boys were a part of the La Crosse Elementary School’s  intramural basketball team.  Jason Cannon, Jeremiah Groves, Jacob Brame, Jackson Moody, Cameron Davis, Connor Washburn.  Not pictured is Shane Witz.


The following fifth grade girls were a part of the La Crosse Elementary School’s  intramural basketball team.  Shannon Thompson, Sharniece Clary, Yazmine Gutierrez, Dniya Jones, LeAjah Walker, Topanga Poythress, Kayla Rogers, and Crystal Hunt.  Not pictured is Ashley Martinez.

Mrs. Lewis’ Kindergarten class at La Crosse Elementary School dressed as if they were 100 years old to celebrate the 100 days of school


The following students at La Crosse Elementary School were chose as the student of the month for November.  Dalton Roberts, Jasiah Turner, Alexis Thompson, Jaretzy Temelo-Rosendo, Jaden Thomas, Elijah Touhey, Trenton Tustin, Evan Widener, KeMaryria Rainey, Malliyani Olguin-Villeda, Landon Bottoms, Charles Coxen, Estella Watkins, Tyler Robertson, Braedon Jones, Crystal Hunt, Aiden Brown, and Cameron Davis.  Not pictured are India Blasioli and Jaxon Lucas.

Lacrosse Elementary School students in PreK-2nd grades were visited by Ms. Conway with Virginia Department of Health Dental Services on Monday February 6, 2017 in observance of Dental Health Month. Ms. Conway taught the students the importance of keeping their teeth healthy by making good food choices and properly brushing your teeth twice a day.

 On Tuesday, January 24, the 4th and 5th Grade Students at LaCrosse Elementary presented “Destination: America – A Coast-to-Coast Musical Tribute” by Roger Emerson and John Jacobson.  Through this program the students learned about some of the musical styles that originated in America.


Ms. Wasco’s second grade class at La Crosse Elementary School wearing red to raise heart awareness! 

Ms. Robertson’s Kindergarten class had fun learning about Groundhog Day and playing with their shadows.

Ms. Robertson’s Kindergarten class enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school by dressing as 100 year old ladies and gentlemen. 

Ms. Hite and Mrs. Wartman’s Pre-K class at LaCrosse Elementary School did some experimenting today mixing colors with water and food coloring. We read the book, White Rabbit’s Color Book to go along with our lesson on mixing colors. Students also learned that their are three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. The students had a great time reading the book and mixing the colors in real life that we read in the book. 




Miss Wright’s first grade class celebrated the 100th day of school through a STEM lesson: What can you build with 100 ______? The students counted out 100 objects and here is what they created! 



In December, my class completed 12 days of kindness. On one of these days, the task was to create bookmarks to be left in books for someone else to find. Attached are pictures of the students placing their bookmarks in books and them being found by other students.


The fourth graders at LaCrosse Elementary School participated in the 100th day of school cup stacking challenge.




Mrs. Hahn’s fourth grade students at La Crosse Elementary School have been working in groups with fractions. We use pattern blocks, fraction strips and colored plate fractions to find sums/differences, comparing and matching equivalents. 











Ms. Hite and Mrs. Wartman’s Pre K class at La Crosse Elementary School are shown making pattern chains with partners while reviewing patterns. 












 Today’s Centers- Alphabet Center- Students worked with the letter Mm coloring the Uppercase M blue and the Lowercase m yellow. 

Small Group- Students are reviewing counting in the tens frame with counters. Students were asked to count to certain numbers 1-10 and put the remaining counters in the basket below. Students would add how many they had in their tens frame to how many they had in their basket. Students would identify that the total of each added together would equal 10. 
Math Center- Students were given 2 worksheets with numbers 1-10. Students had to put the correct amount of fuzz bugs in the squares beside each number. 


















AR Party







On Friday, January 13th, students who reached the nine weeks reading goals for the Accelerated Reader program were treated to a stem centered A.R party.  Students listened to the story of “The Three Little Pigs” and were challenged to design a sturdy house using a variety of food items. After they designed their houses, the wolf (a disguised hair dryer) tried to blow their houses down! The students had a great time learning how to strategize and construct during this interactive activity!   Students also made pigs out of cupcakes and marshmallows. Each student also received a certificate recognizing their achievement.  

AR Photo–Party #1–Grades 1 & 2

Back row (L to R):
Aaron Thompson, Christopher Ramirez, Genna Haislip, Madyson Gulbronson, Amariah Castaneda, Bryce DeJarnette, Harley Fenwick, Callie Curry, Rylee Biggs, Tyler Harris, Christopher Gamez-Rosales, Ava King, E’Maya Blackwell, Libbie Jones

Middle Row (L to R):  
Evan Widener, Ryan Rogers, Jaretzy Temo-Rosendo, Justin Reese, Wyatt Arrington, Christian Davis, Ava Bourne, Zachary Brown, Bryan Gamez-Varo, Kayleigh Lynch, David Duckworth, Rylee Thompson

Front Row (L to R):
Hannah Thompson, Arianna Segura, Madison Hall, Ayden Newell, Brooklyn Powell, McKayla Russell, Zander Blanton, Victor Olivo-Alonzo, Zoey Ryder, Claire Biggs, E’Niyah Ogburn, Adam Edmonds, Patrick Bolter

Not present/pictured: Lily Coleman, David Cundiff, Kylee Lopresti, Jaden Wilkins, Julissa Albarran, Addie Wall


AR Photo—Party #1—Grades 3, 4, & 5

Back Row (L to R): Brandon Boyd, Maggie Webb, Kasey Major, Xavier Bullock, Brittianna Boyd, Emily Parrish, Tamia Sherman, Ethan Silva, Abby Clary, Nina Chavis

Middle Row (L to R):  David Trujillo, Serina Benjamin, Crystal Hunt, Holly Griffin, Morgan Hinton, Marcus Ogburn, Fredy Ocampo-Venegas,  Emilie Haislip, Cameron Hewitt, Jaylen Spencer, Ahree Newell

Front Row (L to R):  Peyton Vaughan, Conner Malone, Hanna Parsons, Estella Watkins, Amya Cheek, Carmen Biggs, Joshua Smith, Oscar Gutierrez, Peyton Smiley




Mrs. Shomo and Mrs. Robinson’s Pre-K students making a mouse out of the letter M









Mrs. Shomo and Mrs. Robinson’s Pre-K students did a sequencing sheet.












Pre-K Hour of Code

















Reading under my favorite blanket











Spelling Bee






















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 LaCrosse Elementary and Food Lion in the town shopping center teamed up for Lacrosse Elementary’s Math and Literacy Night on December 15th from 5:00-7:00! The students were invited to the store where they were challenged to a scavenger hunt and math activities involving products from the grocery store.  They were also treated to taste testings in each department, which included fruit, juice,  cupcakes, cookies, meatballs, and more as well as giving away six $25.00 gift cards from Food Lion!   The employees and staff from the school enjoyed interacting with the families and helping them solve problems on their activity sheets.  Once they finished, they were given a Food Lion goody bag and a free book for attending! Lacrosse Elementary staff would like to thank Food Lion for this wonderful experience and also the parents and families who took the time out of their busy schedules to come out and enjoy this night!  It was a huge success!!!


Lacrosse Elementary had two special surprise visitors drop by school to see who was being naughty and nice! They  were making a special trip so they could report back to Santa!








Day 9 of the 12 Days of Reading Challenge: Dress up in your mom or dad’s clothes, sit on a newspaper in the hallway and read for 20 minutes











Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas Reading challenge:  Go into the kitchen. Find a pot. Put it on your head, sit in a chair and read for 20 minutes!









Second Grade Music Performance

 The 2nd Grade classes at LaCrosse Elementary School presented the holiday musical, “Jingle All the Way” by John Jacobson and John Higgins, on Tuesday, December 13.  This delightful program highlighted the important part of Christmas, which is not the presents, but the love in your heart.









Officers having breakfast with the students








More pictures on our Facebook page.


Santa Visits Students






















Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Challenge: I hope you cleaned under your bed yesterday! If you didn’t, do it now! Take your book and flashlight, get under your bed and read for twenty minutes. If you can’t, your closet will do!

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Challenge:  Make your parents happy!! Clean your room. Once it is clean (are you sure?!) find one of your favorite objects and sit on your bed to read for 20 minutes!


In Addition, 6 students are pictured with Mrs. Penny Hare, art teacher at LaCrosse Elementary School who are holding winning VEA poster entries that are now on display at Applebee’s in South Hill, VA. Pictured left to right are:  Mrs. Penny Hare, Aiden Brown, Topanga Poythress, Maggie Webb, Serina Benjamin, Collin Parrish, and Ava Bourne.


Recently, the 18 students pictured here from LaCrosse Elementary School were recognized as winners of the 2017 Virginia Educators Association Poster Contest.  Each winner was awarded certificates and special art ribbons.  The poster contest required each student to create a poster on the theme, “Why My School is Great!”  In addition to this recognition, 6 students were chosen from the group to showcase their poster at Applebee’s in South Hill, VA.  We were pleased that Applebee’s was eager to give students from MCPS this opportunity. 
Picture of 18 students: (Left to right) Bottom Row: Collin Parrish, Chaisley Snodgrass, Rylee Biggs, Ava Bourne
Second Row: Conner Ezell, Peyton Vaughn, Hailey Newton Third Row: Hayden Lawson, Carmen Biggs, Rachel Becker
Fourth Row: Anthony Walker, Aiden Brown, Colby Edmonds Fifth Row: Tamia Sherman, Serina Benjamin Top Row: Kacey Major, Topanga Poythress, Maggie Webb

Day 5 of the “12 Days of Christmas Reading” challenge was to prepare for the cold weather (just in time!!). Put on your mittens, hats, and scarf. Sit in front of a window and read for 20 minutes!


Day 3 of the “12 Days of Christmas” Reading Challenge: Put on your favorite pajamas. Get a flashlight. Hide under your blanket and read for 20 minutes!










Day 2 of “The Twelve Days of Christmas Reading” challenged the LaCrosse Elementary  students to get their favorite stuffed animal and sit behind the sofa and read for 20 minutes!

To celebrate reading, many of the students at LaCrosse Elementary are completing the “12 Days of Reading” challenge. The first day was to grab two pillows and read 20 minutes in the bathtub!. No water of course! The following students are shown completing the first challenge! Way to Go!!





The following students from La Crosse Elementary School participated in intramural volleyball.  Logan Widener, LeAjah Walker, Madison Maslen, Skylar Steffey, Shannon Thompson, Connor Washburn, and Crystal Hunt.


 Mrs. Sandra Cypress came to read to the  Kindergarten classes at La Crosse Elementary School ..  She also brought activity sheets that went along with the story she read.  The students were given treat bags as well.

The students in Mrs. Lewis’s kindergarten class at La Crosse Elementary School had a group of employees from the Home Depot visit her class.  They brought materials for a special project.  They helped the students make their very own skateboards.  The students got to paint their finished projects.  The students were also given treat bags.  Thank you to the Home Depot for visiting our class.



The students at LaCrosse Elementary School were chosen by their homeroom teachers because they represented Responsibility, character word for October.  Kira Haislip, Aubrie Wall, Caige Lopresti, Kelbie House, Nia Stith, Ava Bourne, Fenn Chapman, Ayden Newell, Zoey Ryder, Ahree Newell, Landon Kidd, Sharniece Clary, Tamia Sherman, Emily Parrish, Serina Benjamin, Morgan Hinton, Connor Washburn, and Jeremiah Groves.  Not pictured are Madyson Gulbronson and Ahmyah Hobbs.


Students in Mrs. Adcock’s Group were learning vowel patterns this week.  Each student got to be the teacher for the day! They did a wonderful job teaching the vowel patterns to the other students in the group! Pictures are Kelly Jo Brown, Carmen Lewis, and Daisy Alonzo-Correa.












This week Ms. Hite and Mrs. Wartman’s Pre K class a long with Mrs. Shomo and Mrs. Robinson’s Pre K at LaCrosse Elementary School started learning about animals. They are learning where certain animals live and the characteristics each animal they talk about have. Today was Dog day and the La Crosse Animal Hospital was invited to come and talk to the class about how to take care of our pets. Each student got an opportunity to hold or pet a dog and cat. The students loved interacting with the animals and were very sweet to them :).  A special thank you again to La Crosse Animal Hospital for taking their time to come out and spend time with our Pre K classes!






















On Tuesday, November 15, the Third Grade students at LaCrosse Elementary School presented a musical, “Child of the World”, by John Jacobson and John Higgins. Through music, the students enjoyed learning about the importance of five character traits: respect, honesty, courage, compassion and responsibility.


During the week of October 24th-28th, LaCrosse Elementary School students, faculty, and staff celebrated Red Ribbon Week.  Monday was wear your sunglasses to shade out drugs.  Hats off to being drug free was Tuesday’s theme.  Wednesday was wear your boots and give drugs the boot!  Follow your dreams, don’t do drugs was Thursday’s theme.  Everyone had the opportunity to wear PJ’s and bring their favorite bear.  This was also Read for the Record Day. Mrs. L. Lambert read the story “The Bear Ate my Sandwich” to all of the school as it was shown to the students on the Promethean Boards in their classrooms. Friday ended the wee with be of good character, say “no” to drugs and the walk for education.  This day was to dress as your favorite storybook character.























The following students were chosen by their homeroom teachers at LaCrosse Elementary School as the student of the month for September.  Latasia House, Grace Santos, Harley Fenwick, Mallory Townsend, Tuesday Kelly, E’lyvia Scurlock, Caleb Conner, Bethany Gutierrez,  Nancy Colindres, Zachary Brown, Ethan Murray, Tavaree Vaughan, Patrick Bolter, Maggie Webb, FinLee Maidens, and Topanga Poythress.  Not pictured are:  Conner Ezell, Kasey Major, Conner Malone, and Ethan Silva.



The fifth grade class at LaCrosse Elementary went on a field trip to the Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center (LCAKC).  Students took a tour of the facility and saw presentations on the programs offered at LCAKC to increase their career awareness.  Photo Credit: Maki Malone












A firefighter from Chase City and Petersburg, Josh Whitten, came and talked to first grades at LaCrosse Elementary School about fire safety and showed his gear. He also read a book about what firefighters do.





















Mrs. Bugg’s fist grade class at LaCrosse Elementary School are shown decorating pumpkins with their lunch buddies, Ms. Debbie and Mr. Larry.

National School Lunch Week was celebrated at LaCrosse Elementary School during October 10th – 14th.  Our cafeteria staff served lots of delicious meals for students, parents, and many other special guest that came to eat with a child.

















The Lacrosse Elementary School Pre-K students attended the Parish pumpkin patch farm. They enjoyed a hayride, playing in the corn silo, going through a corn maze ,and enjoyed some duck racing by pumping the water pumps. Everyone had a great time and got to pick their own special pumpkin.




















The LaCrosse Volunteer Fire Department came to teach the students at LaCrosse Elementary School about fire safety. We learned what to do in case of a fire, a competition to put on safety gear and a tour of one of the fire trucks. Fire safety rocks!!



































LaCrosse Elementary School participated in intramural soccer against the other elementary schools in the county during the months of September and October.  The following fifth grade students participated.  From right to left are: Crystal Hunt, Ryan Torreyson, Levi Lassiter, Ashley Martinez, Landon Bottoms, Logan Widener, Yazmine Gutierrez, FinLee Maidens, Connor Washburn, and Owen Roberts.

Students at LaCrosse Elementary School recently participated in the school science fair by testing experiments at home.  In addition, students had to create a display board featuring the components of effective science experiments. Students then presented their projects in class. First place from each third, fourth, and fifth grade classroom went on to present before a final judge at school. The winner for each grade will be presenting their project at the county fair.  The winners were third grade, Maggie Webb, fourth grade, Tamia Sherman, and fifth grade Ashley Martinez.

“Fall Into Learning at LES” is this year’s  theme for LaCrosse Elementary School’s South Central Fair’s exhibit. The exhibit highlights student work and pays tribute to the memory of second grade student, Lemajae Boswell.  This exhibit is one of many school displays which showcase the great things going on in Mecklenburg County Schools.  The fair will open Tuesday October 11 and run through October 15, 2016. 












Mrs. Hahn’s math students at LaCrosse Elementary School worked in groups using task cards to solve single and multi-step word problems before completing multiplication holey cards. 












The students in kindergarten, first and second grade at LaCrosse Elementary School were visited by Ranger Juanita. She helped us explore pumpkins, inside and out, and had us estimate grooves, ribs, weight, circumference, diameter and seeds. The class got to open up pumpkins and count the seeds. We had a lot of fun!  The students pictured are from Ms. Wasco’s class.

Miss Wright’s first grade at LaCrosse Elementary is bringing some fall fun into their learning! Through the use of teamwork and delicious candy corn, they are exploring addition facts. 

















Last Friday (9/23), we dissected flowers to learn more about the parts of a flower in Mrs. Pratali’s fourth grade science classes.  Students worked with a partner removing, counting and measuring the sepals, stamen, pistils, and petals. A big thanks to Gavin Honeycutt at Gavin’s House of Flowers for providing the carnations!  The students really enjoyed the project.







Mrs. Bugg’s first grade classes at LaCrosse Elementary School enjoy their Fridays by using a flashlight  to read with a buddy.













Ben Cundiff has earned his ST Multiplication Fluency with 100% completion and 95 % accuracy this sixth week of school at LaCrosse Elementary. His math teacher, Mrs. Hahn, presented him with his JiJi Certificates. Way to go Ben!

Miss. Hite and Mrs. Wartman’s Pre K class at LaCrosse Elementary School broke into centers during math, while learning about their shapes. They were asked to make a house out of the shape cut outs provided. They had a great time making their own houses. 










During I.E, Tier 1 second grade students at LaCrosse Elementary School work on their writing project. They began with a brainstorm, followed by a four square and ended with their rough and final drafts. After they complete their final drafts, they can type up their paper! Using Google Docs, students LOVED typing and sharing their project.










The fourth grade students at LaCrosse Elementary School enjoyed designing their art folder after finishing up an information sheet on the color wheel in Mrs. Hare’s art class. 

Ms. Hite’s Pre-K class at LaCrosse Elementary School were thinking like scientists to figure out if the objects they placed in the water would sink or float.  The children had a great time seeing if their predictions came true.


Students in Mrs. Willis’ fifth grade classes at LaCrosse Elementary School  grew plants to test a hypothesis, created a poster, and presented it to the class.​ 









































Ms. Benning’s class at LaCrosse Elementary School enjoyed having Janeidy Catillo, a third grade student read to her class.  On Fridays the class gets to read books with a flashlight.


Our 4th graders in Mrs. Hahn’s math classes at LaCrosse Elementary School worked with Geo-Reflectors to help them with transformations. Students played  the Plane Figure Polygon card- definition matching game too.

Ms. Hite’s Pre-K class at LaCrosse Elementary School learned about the letter Aa. The students practiced writing the letter Aa in our sand buckets. They had a lot of fun making their Aa’s in the sand :). 

Mrs. Adcock and her kindergarten group at LaCrosse Elementary School had a great time learning how to put the letters of their name in order, spell their names out loud, clap the syllables, and make the sounds for each letter.

Kindergarten students at LaCrosse Elementary School started this week on learning about thick and thin lines in art class.  Students learned to hold an oil pastel stick on it’s side to make thick lines and to use the tip to make thin lines.  These students were challenged to make a pattern of thick and thin lines using 2 colors.  Wow!! I was impressed!!

The Kindergarten classes at LaCrosse Elementary School have been learning lots of things so far including colors and color words. This week we celebrated Friday by wearing green! 

Mrs. Brazeal’s third graders at LaCrosse Elementary School enjoyed a fun morning of reader’s theater. The students enjoyed acting out the various parts of “The Trial of Cardigan Jones”, a story they have been reading all week. 

Ms. Wasco’s second grade students worked on creating longer words by counting out syllables and identifying  the CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) patterns within the word. Ms. Wasco called out the words for the students to spell out on their desks.



 Summer Reading Challenge

The following students from LaCrosse Elementary  were Super Hero Readers over the summer! Students were challenged to read throughout the summer and turn in their reading logs when they returned from summer vacation. Each student who turned in their logs were presented with a $10.00 Walmart gift card. Congratulations to our Super SUmmer Readers!

Front Row: Tenley Smith, Isabel Finch, Arianna Segura, Kylee Lopresti, Bryce DeJarnette, Layla Edmonds 
Middle Row:  Caleb Conner, Makayla Urda, David Trujillo, Makayla Crickenberger, Patrick O’Conner, Ava Bourne
Back Row: Nina Chavis, Demitri Chavis, Maggie Webb, Alyssa Sturrock, Holly Griffin, Tamia Sherman

 The Green Leaf-Humanity Lodge #186 of the M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia donated school supplies to Mrs. Newell’s 5th grade class at LaCrosse Elementary School on August 12, 2016. The supplies included but were not limited to hand sanitizer, expo markers, tissue, Clorox wipes, etc. Mrs. Newell expressed her sincere gratitude for the supplies and explained how much they would help her students. She is excited about the opportunity to work with the distinguished men of this organization and look forward to a great year!


 In the first few days of 4th grade in Mrs. Hahn’s room at LaCrosse Elementary School, students get organized and then do math work on laptops.




LaCrosse Elementary School Staff welcomed back returning and new students last week.  The students were greeted by the school staff as they were unloading off the buses.  There were lots of smiles from the students.  We are looking forward to a great year!!!